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Standard vs. Refractive Cataract Surgery

Get the Right Cataract Surgery for Your Eyes

Cataracts are quite common in people over the age of 40. A cataract affects the lens of your eye, causing loss of vision. Fortunately, cataracts can be corrected through a surgical procedure. The surgery involves the removal of your cloudy and blurry lens, replacing it with a clear artificial lens. Clear vision will be restored almost immediately. At Rock Hill Eye Center, we offer two options for your cataract surgery: standard cataract surgery and refractive cataract surgery.

What is Standard Cataract Surgery?

Standard cataract surgery is the traditional procedure for removing cataracts. During this surgery, the cloudy natural eye lens is removed. It is replaced with a clear standard artificial lens (also known as an intraocular lens). This lens restores your vision. It is considered a very safe and highly effective procedure for cataract removal.

What is Refractive Cataract Surgery?

Refractive cataract surgery starts in the same manner as standard cataract surgery. Your natural eye lens is removed. However, it is replaced with an advanced multi-focal lens, which also corrects your vision. Refractive cataract surgery can correct near- and farsightedness as well as astigmatism. This surgery dramatically reduces or eliminates your dependence on glasses or contacts.

Which Procedure is the Best for You?

The best cataract surgery for you will depend on the extent and severity of your vision problems. If you only have minor vision problems, then standard cataract surgery may give you the results you want. But if you wear glasses or contacts and want to be free from that expense and inconvenience, refractive cataract surgery may be the better option. Your ophthalmologist at Rock Hill Eye Center will thoroughly examine your eyes, then recommend the best procedure for you.

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Don’t let cataracts diminish your view of the world. Our cataract surgeons can implant lenses to give you clear—or even corrected—vision.

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When a cataract causes vision problems, we may recommend cataract surgery.

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