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Laser Iridotomy

Effective Treatment for Closed-Angle Glaucoma

If you have closed-angle glaucoma, your ophthalmologist may recommend a treatment called laser iridotomy. When the angle of your eye narrows, it limits the fluid outflow from your eye. This causes the fluid to back up and increase the pressure inside the eye. This condition can damage your optic nerve. A procedure called laser iridotomy can help correct this condition.

What is Laser Iridotomy?

Laser iridotomy is a treatment that treats the problem of narrow angles, including chronic and acute angle-closure glaucoma in the eyes. The effects of acute-angle closure glaucoma are irreversible and intense. Therefore, immediate treatment is needed to minimize the impact. During this closed-angle glaucoma treatment, an ophthalmologist uses laser light to create a small hole in the iris. This enables the intraocular fluid to drain. You’ll undergo the laser iridotomy procedure at your eye doctor’s office. The procedure takes between five and 15 minutes and usually only causes mild pain or discomfort.

Side Effects of Laser Iridotomy

While this closed-angle glaucoma treatment may help prevent the worsening of your acute closed-angle glaucoma, there are some side effects. Short-term complications include:
  • A brief period of blurred or unclear vision
  • Swelling in the cornea
  • Mild bleeding
  • Increased eye pressure
Side effects that may occur after the procedure include:
  • Further blurring of the eye lens
  • Closure of the eye opening
  • Recurrent episodes of closed-angle glaucoma
  • Occurrence of some other type of glaucoma
  • Continuing medication
  • Double vision or glaring due to the entrance of light through the new eye opening

If your eye doctor recommends this procedure, don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have. The ophthalmologists at Rock Hill Eye Center will make sure you get the best treatment possible for your condition.


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