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Sore, Swollen Eyelids? Blepharitis May Be to Blame

Inflammation of the Eyelid Is More Common Than You Think

Has your eyelid become red or swollen? Are you experiencing soreness or a crust around your eyelashes? These are all symptoms of a common eye condition, blepharitis. While occasional blepharitis isn’t necessarily cause for concern, chronic inflammation can cause damage to your eyes. It’s always best to see an ophthalmologist at Rock Hill Eye Center whenever you experience any swelling of the eyelid.

Know the Symptoms of Blepharitis

The skin around your eyes is very delicate. Often, inflammation around the eyelids and eyelashes can be traced back to allergies or another eye condition like pink eye. But if your symptoms continue, you should consider visiting an eye doctor. Here are some common symptoms that occur with blepharitis.
  • Itching on or around the eyelids
  • Watering of the eyes
  • Formation of crust near the eyelashes
  • A stinging, burning feeling in the eyes

Common Causes of Blepharitis

In many cases, blepharitis is caused by high levels of bacteria around your eyelashes. The more of this harmful bacteria you have, the greater the chances that you’ll experience swelling and discomfort of the eyelid.

What causes this bacteria to grow? For some patients, it’s connected to a dermatological condition like eczema or psoriasis. For others, it could be connected to dry eyes. Or, there could be an underlying fungal infection that must be treated. Only an eye doctor can accurately diagnose the root cause of your blepharitis and prescribe an effective treatment.

How Does an Eye Doctor Treat Swollen Eyelids?

Treatment for blepharitis will largely depend on the cause. Depending on what your ophthalmologist finds, you may be asked to use special cleansers and cleaning techniques to minimize bacteria growth on your eyelids. Special eye drops or ointments may also be prescribed. In certain cases, minimally-invasive or non-invasive procedures may be recommended to improve the function of glands in your eyelids, helping your body control the levels of bacteria naturally.

Additional Plastic Surgery Services


Sometimes known as an eyelid lift, blepharoplasty can help your appearance and vision.

Brow Lift

If drooping eyebrows are changing the way you look, we may have the solution. A brow lift can help with the heavy feeling and impaired vision that are often caused by droopy eyebrows.


A small eyelid bump known as a chalazion can cause irritation and be a distraction. An eye doctor can provide relief.


Drooping eyelids, or ptosis, affect many older people. Ptosis surgery will help restore your field of vision.


When your eyelid is turned out, you can experience watering, pain, and irritation due to the eye’s exposure. An appointment with an eye doctor is your first step to relief from ectropion.


An eyelid that’s turned in can cause discomfort or lead to more serious eye conditions. Our office provides entropion surgery and treatment to correct the problem.

Orbital Fractures

Orbital or eye socket fractures are serious and can cause permanent damage. Seek immediate attention from an eye doctor.


Ingrown eyelashes, or trichiasis, can cause pain and affect your vision. Let our ophthalmologists treat the problem.

Tear Duct

Excessive tearing can affect both adults and children. We can help get your eyes back to normal.

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