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Ectropion Eyelid Surgery

Ectropion Eyelid Surgery for Sagging Eyelids

What Is Ectropion?

Ectropion means that the lower eyelid is “rolled out” or sagging away from the eye. The sagging lower eyelid leaves the eye exposed and dry. Since this condition is most commonly caused by age-related stretching of the normal eyelid tissue, ectropion eyelid surgery from Rock Hill Eye Center can correct the problem.

What Are the Symptoms of Ectropion?

If your eyelid is turned out and is not treated, the condition may lead to chronic tearing, eye irritation, redness, pain, a gritty feeling, crusting of the eyelid, mucous discharge, and breakdown of the eye surface due to exposure.

How Can Ectropion Eyelid Surgery Help?

Your procedure will roll your lower eyelid back in, protecting the eye itself. Most patients report increased comfort and less tearing following this reconstructive procedure with little, if any, post-operative discomfort. After an exam, a doctor at Rock Hill Eye Center will be able to tell you if you’re a good candidate for ectropion eye surgery.

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